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Data Conversion

Data Conversion Outsourcing Services

Data Conversion can be described as the conversion of data or information from one format to another. Data could be in any form or it also could be stored in an old structure or system.

Imrozehind Infotech & Services Private Limited is a leading offshore data conversion services provider that offers a wide range of data conversion services to our global clients with the blend of a talented team of data entry executives as well as the latest technologies. We offer data conversion services like PDF to excel, PDF to word and HTML, book conversion, etc.

Data needs to be in a proper format always. This is must for any organization, regardless of the size of the company, to manage the business processes effectively. If data is not in a proper format then taking input from it could be time and money consuming. This is where data conversion work plays a crucial role.

At Imrozehind Infotech & Services Private Limited, our data conversion operators can assist you to extract the best out of your data and convert the valuable information appropriately so that it assists in smart and intellectual decision making in your business.

Outsourcing data conversion to us helps you achieve following:

  • Safeguard your private data and avoid data loss
  • Proper formation and digitization of information
  • Better and advanced usability and accessibility of data
  • No more unnecessary data
  • Efficientle maintain and protect data for future needs
  • E-Book Conversion
  • Converting information into any specified Microsoft Office formats
  • Text to PDF Conversion
  • XML/HTML/SGML Conversion
  • OCR Conversion
  • HTML to Adobe Acrobat Conversion
  • Conversion of data across various databases on different platforms
  • Conversion from PDF format to Word format
  • HTML Files form PDF files OCR Clean up

We converge on technological innovation. Our capability and experience to manage the most critical, time-consuming and cost-sensitive information helps us become the leading data conversion company in India.

Our outsource Data Entry Services Include:

  • Medical Billing Data Entry
  • Data Entry Services
  • Image Data Entry
  • Medical form Data Entry
  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Remote Desktop Data Entry
  • Outsource Excel Data Entry
  • Business Data Entry
  • PDF to Excel Data Entry
  • Handwritten Data Entry
  • Numeric Data Entry Service
  • Legal Data Entry Service
  • Medical Billing Data Entry

Outsource Data Conversion Service Include:

  • Conversion From Word processors
  • Conversion To Word processors
  • Data Conversion From Multiple Databases
  • Data Conversion In MS Office Formats
  • Conversion from PDF to Word Format
  • Conversion of eBoook Data
  • Convert Raw Data to MS Office
  • From Word Perfect ro Microsoft Word
  • Data Conversion from PDF to Word format
  • PDF Conversion into MS Word

Outsource Scanning, OCR & Indexing Services:

  • Paper/Magazine Scanning
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Bills/Receipt Scanning
  • Converting & Indexing Documents
  • Book Scanning Services
  • Conversion of Scanned Images into Digital Text
  • Digital Documents OCR
  • Proof Reading Services

Looking to outsource your valuable Data Conversion Outsourcing Services?

Let’s discuss over and you can even email us at contact@imrozehind.com. Call us at +91 9113307907/ +91(612)2307080

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